Tonight's latest 'The Walking Dead' installment gave us a pretty gruesome showdown in between "Four Walls and a Roof," but the first look at next week's "Slabtown" seems anything but gritty. Find out what happened to Beth after being kidnapped way back in season 4, with our first look at next week's episode!

You're warned of some potential spoilers both for tonight's episode and next week's Beth-centric "Slabtown," but where Daryl didn't look to be in the best mood after returning from his pursuit with an unseen figure, we have to remember that things could look very different from Beth's perspective. After all, Daryl spent weeks between Joe and his claimers, reuniting with Rick, and escaping from Terminus, whereas the first clip of "Slabtown" sees Beth waking up in a hospital with an IV in her arm, presumably not long after being kidnapped in the first place.

Might Beth's new friends have one of those sinister agendas people in the zombie apocalypse always seem to be hiding? What other characters might lurk within the mysterious hospital? Let's turn to the always-illuminating AMC synopsis of "Slabtown" for a clue!

Episode 5.04 – Slabtown

Things appear safe and nice, but there is a bit of a dark side for another group of survivors.

Yep, every bit as helpful as expected! What do you make of Beth's new digs? What might have happened between awakening in a hospital, and Daryl making it back to the church with a heavy head? Watch the clip of next week's 'The Walking Dead' installment "Slabtown" for yourself above, and give us your prediction in the comments!

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