Apart from the dire straits AMC has continually found itself in with each new drama launch, 'The Walking Dead''s proposed 2015 spinoff hasn't offered much in the way of details since its original announcement. Naturally, fans of the main series are hungry for crossover potential between the two, but how does showrunner Scott Gimple see it happening down the line?

We've known from series creator Robert Kirkman that AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spinoff would look to explore a different corner of the zombie apocalypse with an all-new cast, distinctly set outside of Georgia, but current 'Walking Dead' showrunner believes the two might still cross over eventually. Speaking with Collider, Gimple clarified that he himself hasn't had much involvement with the spinoff, though down the line he'd given thought to how and when the two casts might interact.

Keep in mind, Gimple's words contain minor spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' comic, and potentially future seasons of the AMC adaptation:

This I do know. It’s set in the world of The Walking Dead but from what I understand, it’s not like Daryl’s cousin or anything… I would never say never [to a crossover between the shows] because if I was a viewer I would say that sounds awesome.

But we’re doing our own show. I also think a crossover might be tough because it would take a lot of [license] within the comic story. We’ll see. When we get to all-out war, who knows? We’ll add another faction. It’ll be the Saviors and the Hilltop and the ‘Spin-offers’.”

Keeping in mind potential spoilers once again, "All Out War" refers to a recent volume of the comic series that saw Rick's group/community in conflict with another faction dubbed "The Saviors," led by the villainous Negan, whom Kirkman and Gimple have already discussed adapting for AMC in a future season.

We'd love to see the two sides of 'The Walking Dead''s TV presence eventually building toward a crossover event, though we've still relatively few details on the spinoff itself, for the moment. Might the answers come at Comic-Con 2014? Tell us what you'd want to see from the spinoff, and the main series' future in the comments!

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