When 'The Walking Dead' returns this fall with a brand-spankin' new season of 16 episodes, undoubtedly the talk of the town (behind Michonne) will be David Morrissey's villainous Governor, a formidable opponent as anyone who's read the comics will know.  So what actor would be crazy enough to turn down a role like that?

Crazy being a relative term, prior to David Morrissey's casting a number of names had floated around for the role, some of the most notable being legendary horror FX guru Tom Savini's campaign for the part, as well as rumors of actor John Hawkes being courted for the role.  Now, speaking in an interview with Movie Web, Hawkes has indeed confirmed that he was approached for the role of the famous villain, but turned it down out of his own personal tastes.  So what would turn an actor off to one of the most popular cable TV series in the world?

Says Hawkes of his decision:

They offered me the role, and I just felt there would be someone else who could do it better. I was flattered, and I took a look at the series. It held interest for me, but I just didn't feel like I was the guy for it," he said. "I have to be careful of what TV shows I choose, particularly ones that have commercials in them, because it's going to be a different kind of television show. There are going to be sponsors.

No matter how good the show is, if there are commercials, it's going to be a different show, to me. That's just my personal feeling. Yeah, it was nice of them to ask, and it's a good show, but, again, I just didn't feel I was the guy. They came to me and sent me the graphic novel and the first two seasons. I took a look at them, and just didn't feel like it was for me.

Hurm.  Well, rest assured that the role is going to put UK actor David Morrissey on the map this fall when he debuts as The Governor in 'The Walking Dead's season 3 premiere, but not every actor is in it for the recognition.  And poor Tom Savini, for never even getting the chance.

Well, what do you think?  Was Hawkes the best choice for the role, or are you willing to give Morrissey a chance when 'The Walking Dead' returns this fall?  Tell us what you're most excited to see in the comments!

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