Only two episodes remain in The Walking Dead Season 5, and trouble comes a-calling both in and outside of Alexandria, now that Rick’s group has become a threat. Watch Michonne take on the challenge as survivor fates are revealed in the first clip of next week’s penultimate Walking Dead Season 5 installment, “Try!”

Absent from Sunday’s “Spend,” next week’s “Try” will pick up with Michonne’s difficulty adjusting to life in Alexandria, though things grow complicated as Rosita drops by to reveal Tara’s fate, simultaneously warning that Sasha seems to have gone missing. Things are bound to be tense all over, between Rick’s domestic disturbance and the latest disastrous mission, but will Michonne manage to keep the peace?

So reads AMC’s official description for next Sunday’s penultimate Season 5 installment, “Try”:

When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.

Helpful as always! In any case, see for yourself with the sneak peek of next week’s Walking Dead installment above, and prepare to count down the final two episodes of Season 5!

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