While Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead' episode "Sick" certainly continued the bad-ass ride season 3 has undertaken, the hour made even less use of Andrea and the sword-swinging Michonne, let alone any of the other new characters.  That all changes this coming Sunday with 'The Walking Dead's latest episode "Walk With Me," focusing primarily on Andrea and Michonne as they encounter a new community of survivors: Woodbury!  Sure we'll meet the villainous Governor, but how about a hug for our old pal Merle?

You can forget all about that dank prison and the survivors within, as this Sunday's all-new 'Walking Dead' will take us to Woodbury to spend more time with Andrea, Michonne, The Governor, and his new pal Merle!  We haven't seen Michael Rooker's Merle Dixon (at least the real one) since season 1, so how will he feel finding one of the survivors who left him chained to a rooftop?

The latest clip from Sunday's all-new episode below doesn't offer much in the way of answers, but does show us the man back in action, as Andrea finds herself driven into the heavily armed Woodbury with the menacing Merle by her side.

Will Merle be all Sammy sunshine positive this time around, or are Andrea and Michonne in for a world of hurt?  What will the Governor (David Morrissey) have to say about it?  Check out the second clip from "Walk With Me" below, and give us your theories in the comments!

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