"Marky Mark and the Fun Bunch." Precisely how Maya Rudolph came to incorrectly remember the name of Mark Wahlberg’s former music group is just one of the highlights of this great interview with her and Sam Rockwell, the two stars of 'The Way, Way Back,' the directorial debut of the writing team of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. In the film, Rockwell and Rudolph play employees of a water park who help an awkward kid overcome some of his insecurities while he’s on vacation with his mother and her new, authoritative boyfriend. As a counterpoint to his oddly more dysfunctional domestic situation, the pair provide a stabilizing if unconventional influence on the boy, even if they aren’t quite funky.

We sat down with Rudolph and Rockwell to talk 'The Way, Way Back' and, in addition to talking about Marky Mark, Rockwell addressed his tendency to find opportunities to dance in just about every movie in which he appears, and together they talked about tackling the responsibility of being a nurturing influence in the life of a kid who needs more encouragement than he is getting at home.

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