The first trailer for Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us is finally here, and there's a whole host of awesome Fables goodness to see.

The trailer debuted Tuesday afternoon, and provided a better look at the new episodic adventure in action. Based on the Vertigo comic Fables, The Wolf Among Us puts players in the shoes of Bigby Wolf in a story that takes place before the first issue of the comic series.

There are a ton of references to the comic and characters, including appearances from Snow White and Bufkin. It's still a mystery as to what Bigby will be up to in the first episode, but at the time this story takes place, he's acting as the community's sheriff. We've been waiting for a chance to play this game since Telltale announced the licensing deal a while back, and the news the first chapter will be premiering soon has us stoked to see what Telltale has to offer the world of Fables.