Are you ready for a 'Wolverine' extravaganza? Today's the day the mean mutant unsheathes his claws in a big way; we've got two new 'Wolverine' posters for the Hugh Jackman-starring superhero film, as well as eight new 'Wolverine' pics. Slash through the break to see them all!

First, you'll find the batch of images, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. These new pics are notable because they introduce us to some of the key supporting players in 'The Wolverine', including the villainous Viper (played by blond beauty Svetlana Khodchenkova), who director James Mangold describes as "snakelike" and "formidable." In addition, you'll see another lethal gal, Yukio (newcomer Rila Fukushima), whom Logan befriends while in Japan. Finally, there's Mariko (Tao Okamoto), a target of the Yakuza and the woman Logan must protect at all costs.

Below the images, you'll see two new 'Wolverine' posters (via Coming Soon), both of which show us a Wolverine apparently in a fit of rage, pain or both. You'll notice the shadowy ninjas surrounding Jackman in the second one-sheet.

All of this is just prelude, however, for the trailer, which is hitting the 'net on Wednesday, March 27th. We're sharpening our blades just thinking about it. 'The Wolverine' hits theaters on July 26th.