It's a really good time to be a fan of the X-Men. You've got 'The Wolverine' arriving next week and you have the increasingly epic 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' opening next summer. What could be better? How about a little taste of the latter at the end of the former?

Speaking with Coming Soon, 'The Wolverine' star (and everyone's favorite guy) Hugh Jackman chatted about both films, which will mark the fifth and sixth times that he's strapped on the adamantium claws and grown out his sideburns (if you don't count . He also made it clear that audiences should stick around through the end credits of 'The Wolverine':

If you stay on after the credits you get to see a nice little preview for Bryan's next film.

And, of course, by Bryan he means director Bryan Singer, and by Bryan's next film, he means 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' In other words, our first non-Comic-Con look at next year's big mutant blockbuster will come at the tail end of this year's big mutant blockbuster. Of course, we don't know if this means we'll get a full trailer, a teaser or just a quick scene to help bridge the gap. We'll just have to wait through those end credits and find out. In any case, it looks like 20th Century Fox may be officially playing by the Marvel Studios handbook when it comes to keeping the fans excited.

To read Jackman discuss what it's like to get the X-Men gang back together and what changes may be in store for the iconic "Days of Future Past" comic storyline, click over here. 'The Wolverine' opens on July 26, 2013. 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' will arrive on May 23, 2013.