Whether we finally learn if aliens invaded in 2012, or spend six hours with another psychic priest, The X-FilesFOX return has plenty of unanswered questions to dive into. Well, at least one less today, as we now know for sure Mitch Pileggi will be back to lord over Mulder and Scully as Walter Skinner.

Following initial rumors that FOX’s 6-episode revival series would naturally court Pileggi to return in some capacity, the Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural star confirmed over Twitter that Skinner would return to the fold, spectacles and all:

Having been present with The X-Files through all nine seasons, Pileggi becomes the first cast member beside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to sign on for the revival. Pileggi’s name was also included on a shortlist that named Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish as candidates to return, along with “Smoking Man” William B. Davis.

On the creative side, series showrunner Chris Carter will return for the event series alongside writers and producers Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and Jim Wong, with Frank Spotnitz also eyed to pitch in, and composer Mark Snow also coming aboard.

The X-Files has been eyed to begin shooting its revival sometime this summer, but who else from the original series should make a return from the original crew? Will Walter Skinner still have his place among the FBI?

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