Things aren't looking too good for Johnny Depp lately. First the reports of budget issues on the set of 'The Lone Ranger,' and now Warner Bros. is stalling the remake of 'The Thin Man.'

According to Deadline, no official reason has been given, but it's always fun to speculate. Perhaps Warner Bros. is worried, considering Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' was a total mess and didn't perform so well at the box office? Seems logical.

Rob Marshall was set to direct the remake, but it hadn't been green-lit, no budget submitted (though rumor has it a budget of $100 million was submitted), and no actress had yet been cast in the role of Nora opposite Depp's Nick. Marshall also has 'Into the Woods' on the horizon, a film he's set to direct for Disney.

It's possible Marshall will revisit 'The Thin Man,' originally scheduled to begin production in November, after he completes work on 'Into the Woods.' We kinda hope it goes away, though.

The original - 1934's 'The Thin Man' - stars William Powell as former detective Nick Charles, and Myrna Loy as his wealthy wife Nora. They decide to investigate a murder case for fun because when you have that much money, you get bored pretty easily -- a feeling we're sure Depp strongly identifies with. How's that "Winona Forever" tattoo holding up?

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