It's the rare couple that can get into specifics about how they would kill each other while talking about how much they love each other. But that's Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in 'This is 40' and despite being madly in love, they still sort of hate each other sometimes. Sound familiar? Then you might like this movie.

In theaters this Christmas, 'This is 40' is the so-called "sort of sequel" to 'Knocked Up' that follows Pete and Debbie as they approach middle age and deal with kids and work and money and each other in a very real way.

The first 'This is 40' clip has hit online and features some rather interesting pillow talk. Namely Paul Rudd talking about how he wants to put Leslie Mann in a woodchipper, 'Fargo'-style.

'This is 40' - from writer/director Judd Apatow - hits theaters on Christmas Day.