Big news -- potentially -- for those of us looking forward to seeing the Marvel universe continue its expansion. A new rumor suggests that, in 'Thor 2,' dubbed 'The Dark World,' we'll be exposed to worlds beyond Earth and Asgard. We're talking all nine realms here, people.

For those unsure what we're referring to, let's sum it up quickly: There are nine worlds in existence in norse mythology. Earth is one of them, and in the world of 'Thor,' Asgard is another. (Remember what Chris Hemsworth drew out for Natalie Portman in her diary during the first flick?) If what we're reading here is true, then we're about to be visiting all of them in 'Thor: The Dark World' ... or at least we will in future 'Thor' installments.

Here's what was recently reported by the Russian site Kinopoisk (via, which was in attendance during Marvel's presentation at Russia's Annual Cinema Expo (translation is rough).

“At the presentation, we were presented concept art from which it was possible to understand the scenery of the film will fill the space. The film promises to cover not only the Earth and Asgard, but also all the nine worlds. The studio hopes that the director Alan Taylor, who has experience creating fantasy series, perfectly cope with the task of building the mythical world in the newmovie about the god with the hammer.”

Taylor, of course, worked on several episodes of 'Game of Thrones,' which made him an ideal choice for the fantastical adventures of Thor. That show deals with a variety of lands and climates -- no two are the same -- so perhaps Taylor is more fitting for 'Thor: The Dark World' than we previously expected.

We already knew from set design photos and recent battle footage that we'd be visiting the "dark world" of Svartalfheim where all the race of Dark Elves reside. It's there that Thor and his band of merry comrades will take on Malekith The Accursed.

'Thor: The Dark World' opens in November 8, 2013, and you can check out some comic book art below to get a better look at all the nine realms' different inhabitants.

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