We won’t have confirmation until it premieres in Competition at Cannes next month, but from where the general public is currently standing, it sure looks like Tilda Swinton owns Okja. She was rocking a ferocious bob wig in the earliest press photos, a later still revealed the force of pure magnificence known as Braces Tilda, and now a newly-released promo video reveals that she’ll get a chance to show off her bone-dry comic timing in the latest feature from Bong Joon Ho as well. (Though the braces are conspicuously absent in this new teaser. Whence Braces Tilda?!)

She stars in the film as Lucy Mirando, the head of bio-engineering concern the Mirando Corporation. In the video above, she cheerfully explains what her company does, and how they make the world a better place. They‘re a friendly and honest industrial giant, bringing Peach Delights and Happy Pup Treats into households across America. But the crown jewel of their ecologically responsible (or so they say) business model is the Super Pig Project, a mysterious technology through which captive swine can be made to have sweet, relaxing dreams instead of the night terrors of penned-up factory pigs. The release of stress that comes from sweet dreams somehow ends up making the pigs tastier once they go through the execution chute, but again, we have to take their word for it. And their word seems a bit sketchy.

It’s a pretty humorous video, grafting Swinton’s surreal presence onto the antiseptic aesthetic of the typical corporate-informational video. But there’s something slightly off about it. The corporate DNA-tamperers are never the good guys, especially not in the cinema of espoused conservationist Bong Joon-ho. We’re watching you, non-braces Braces Tilda.

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