Think 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' - that Disney movie about the cute kid - is the feel good movie of the summer? Think again. Or just ask these two kids who saw the movie this weekend who, uh, shall we say disagree.

Badass Digest pointed us to this YouTube clip of two young boys who just got out of a screening of 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.' They're sitting in the back of their parents' car and, well, bawling. [SPOILERS ahead...]

As you might have guessed, odd little Timothy Green dies at the end of the movie and these little guys weren't quite ready for that. "I don't want him to die!!" squeals one of the boys. His mom's explanation that it's part of the "circle of life" doesn't seem to help.

It's kinda hilarious, yet at the same time really sweet. We can all remember that first movie that made us cry ('Snoopy Come Home' anyone?) and how hard it hit us. Many kids experience death for the first time in movies and for some it hits harder than others.

So laugh and cry along with the two Roth boys as they lose it in the backseat after 'Timothy Green.'