Fans of NBC's long-running meta series '30 Rock' no doubt appreciate the manic celebrity humor of Tracy Jordan, which unquestionably owes to the real-life quirkiness of star and former 'SNL' player Tracy Morgan.  Still, with Morgan's most stable gig coming to a close, and the comedian's notorious tendency to get himself in trouble, should fans be worried about Tracy Morgan?  Tina Fey certainly seems to think so, but why?

Bummed as we are to think that '30 Rock' will soon end its seven-year run, we're even more curious to see where the cast goes after the Emmy-winning comedy finishes out the series. In Tina Fey's opinion however, that might be a very short road for notoriously troubled comedian Tracy Morgan. Speaking on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' last night, Fey (seemingly) joked about how the sometime-troubled star might meet his end without steady work to occupy his time.

I’m really going to miss seeing Tracy every day.  Partly because I feel like once I stop seeing him I feel like he’s going to fall in a pool or something.  I’m worried about what’s going to happen to him. I think he might die if I’m not there.

Fey's words were far from an impassioned plea however, quickly turning to jokes of the comedian's go-to punchlines.  Fey also previewed the ongoing season of '30 Rock,' even listing a few guest stars we haven't heard of yet!

'30 Rock' continues tonight, so watch the Jimmy Fallon clips below and tell us where you think the cast will go next in the comments!