'30 Rock' might be coming to an imminent end with its seventh and final season this fall, but don't expect series star and 'SNL' alum Tina Fey to lose her grip on the tube any time soon.  As her flagship show comes to a close, the star has inked a new lucrative development deal with Universal Television, but the question remains. Will Fey herself star in a new project, independent of '30 Rock,' or perhaps stay behind the scenes?

Tina Fey fans, or "Feyns" as we've coined this very moment, can breathe a sigh of relief that the famed funny lady won't disappear from the limelight after '30 Rock.' According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fey has signed a four-year development deal with Universal TV, allowing her to develop new projects with the potential to star in one as well.

Of course, Tina Fey has never kept completely out of the limelight anyway, moving to '30 Rock' after her time on 'Saturday Night Live,' and continuing to write books and appear in several feature films. We wouldn't be altogether surprised if following '30 Rock's' final season (debuting October 4) Fey wasn't eager to jump in front of the cameras in a leading role right away, but we'll keep content in her new deal nonetheless.

What say you? What road would you like to see Tina Fey take after '30 Rock'? Should she star in a new show, or stick to writing? Give us your take in the comments!

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