At the 11th hour, the trailer for ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ arrives to officially take the throne as the worst trailer of the year. Maybe there’s a decent movie in there somewhere, but you’d never know by watching the first trailer, which stars Kat Dennings in the “based on a true story” story of a teen girl in Florida who overcomes her drug addiction with the help of some special friends and a good rehab program.

Although she’s 28 years old, Kat Dennings stars as high school teen Renee, who struggles with drug abuse and depression before starting her path toward recovery with the support of some great friends. Let’s hope that the editing in the actual film is much better than this spastic trailer—it’s all over the place. One minute it’s the dark version of ‘High School Musical,’ and the next minute it’s taking some cues from ‘Black Swan.’ Either this trailer is doing a horrible job of selling the film, or this is the best trailer Sony could put together because the movie is just that awful.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy® Award winner Kat Dennings (“2 Broke Girls”) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with hard reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Bleu.

If the title sounds familiar, that’s because To Write Love on Her Ams is a non-profit organization created by Jamie Tworkowski, which was inspired by the story he wrote about Renee Yohe and her struggles with addiction, self-injury, and a suicide attempt. T-shirts sporting the organization’s name have been worn by prominent musicians during their performances, and the movement sparked by the organization and Renee’s story attracted a huge following on social media.

Regardless of the inspirational story and the organization’s outreach efforts, this trailer looks really, really bad. ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ played the Omaha and Florida film festivals back in 2012—that it’s been sitting on Sony’s shelf for this long doesn’t bode well. The film will be released sometime in 2015 (March, according to the Wikipedia page, but who knows), and going off what you see above, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets unceremoniously dumped on VOD.

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