Tom Hardy is one of those actors who is ready and willing to get as weird and scary as his roles require — and he does tend to pick a lot of weird and scary roles. For his latest, Hardy is taking on the persona of famous mobster Al Capone, a role he was seemingly placed on this earth specifically to play, and he looks pretty darn frightening.

Hardy shared a few behind-the-scenes photos of the makeup process on his Instagram on Wednesday, giving us a preview of what to expect when we see his mob boss on the big screen in Fonzodirected by Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank.

I’ve always thought of Capone as a bit more jowly than this, but then again, this movie takes place right after he was released from ten years in prison. That first photo shows Hardy's makeup team got the dark eye circles and the nose just right.

Fonzo follows Al Capone at the age of 47, released after a decade of prison and feeling the first effects of dementia clouding his mind, causing past to merge into present as his vivid, traumatic memories obscure what’s real. Also starring are Linda Cardellini as Capone’s wife Mae, Matt Dillon as his buddy Johnny, Kyle MacLachlan as his doctor, and Sopranos alum Kathrine Narducci as Capone’s sister. Fonzo doesn’t yet have a release date, but with filming clearly underway, that announcement can’t be too far off.

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