Tom Hiddleston is not just your 'Avengers' villain. He's also an impromptu Shakespearean and, as we're just finding out, something of an impressionist. Exhibit A: a video posted online that has compiled all the impressions Hiddleston has performed while out promoting 'The Avengers' and 'War Horse.' These include, but are not limited to, Owen Wilson, Alan Rickman, Joey (the 'War Horse' horse) and the velociraptor from 'Jurassic Park.'

Beware, your pants may be charmed right off your body.

Hiddleston did a lot of press over the past few months and instead of just talking about how cool it was to be part of such a great film of superheroes and how much fun it was to play Loki, he took the occasion to trot out his impressive repertoire of celebrity impressions.

We won't ruin all of them for you, but let's just say his Owen Wilson is downright creepy.

Hiddleston probably doesn't have enough name recognition yet, but one day he'll make an amazing host on 'Saturday Night Live' (or at least a great Hans Gruber when they eventually remake the original 'Die Hard').

Watch the video below to see the Hiddleston highlight reel and keep an eye out for him in 'Thor 2', which hits theaters next year.

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