Total Recall Trailer

We're only a couple weeks away from the release of 'Total Recall,' and the picture is starting its big advertising push. There will be footage shown at Comic-Con 2012, but now we've got a new featurette that has the stars talking about how great the movie will be.

Basically, like most featurettes, it cuts between footage you've probably seen before in trailers, and actors talking about the movie they've made and how great it is. Granted, there's really no point in trash-talking a movie before it comes out (unless you hate your career) , but it seems likely that just as much acting goes into making promotional material as it does into making movies.

How awesome would it be if one of these promotional videos were filled with actors seriously saying how they really felt about the production? "Well, they met my quote, and action movies pay for my trainer, so I figured, why not?" Or "My husband wrote and directed this film, and I don't like the idea of him being around Jessica Biel for days on end with no excuse to be on set." Or "I'm a fabulously attractive woman, and these movies need eye candy. It's pretty easy to shoot a gun and - also - they pay for my physical trainer."

Anyway, check it out:


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