As long as it's been since we've had much real news about the second season of FOX's Tim Kring-produced Kiefer Sutherland vehicle 'Touch,' it's rare to hear of an actor's exit from the series before the season even premieres. And yet, we have already learned that former 'Prime Suspect' star Maria Bello has been primed to go out of 'Touch,' after having been upgraded to series regular. The second season of 'Touch' won't premiere until February 8, but find out why Bello left the series inside!

Back in 'Touch's' first season, FOX decided early on to display its faith in the underrated drama by introducing 'Prime Suspect' star Maria Bello as “Earth mother”-type Lucy, whose daughter shared the same (or at least similar) gift to Martin Bohm (Sutherland)’s son Jake (David Mazouz). Now, TVLine reports that the actress has elected to leave the series behind, despite being upgraded to series regular in season 2.

With the two-hour second season premiere scheduled for Friday, February 8, it isn't yet known how Bello's character will be written out of the series, though sources say the decision to remove the character came from a mutual decision between Bello and the 'Touch' producers.

Well, what say you? Does Bello's early exit from 'Touch' season 2 spell bad news for the series? Will you tune in to the season premiere on February 8? Check out the latest look below!