How do you sell a Michael Haneke film in a two minute trailer? You don't. You can't. Not when most of the shots in the movie are probably longer than your average movie preview. The unfortunate thing about the lastest trailer for 'Amour' is that it's simply preaching to the cineaste choir. Despite winning the top prize at Cannes, collecting all kinds of critical praise and being the early frontrunner for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, it's difficult to imagine your average moviegoer watching this trailer and declaring "Now that's what I want to see!"

Interestingly, if there was any Michael Haneke film that stood a chance of financial success, it would be this one, which received a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. Normally, Haneke films are crippled at the box office by their slow pacing, pitch black subject matter and R-rating, so that's one barrier gone! Despite the lighter rating, its difficult to imagine 'Amour' not being a harrowing and upsetting experience -- after all, it's about an elderly couple's love being tested after one of them suffers an "attack," so there's no way it'll be an uplifting afternoon at the movies. It certainly won't have the violence that made Haneke's 'Funny Games' a cult hit, but it'll probably more than make up for it by punching you repeatedly in the soul.

If you're a Haneke fan, you're probably going to see this no matter what, but what do the people unfamiliar with his work think? Does anything about this film interest you?

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