With the possible exception of Pixar, there is no animation studio in the world more beloved than Japan's Studio Ghibli and there are few animation directors as respected and admired than Hayao Miyazaki. That means that his son, Goro Miyazaki, has stepped into some pretty massive shoes with 'From Up on Poppy Hill,' which is finally arriving in US theaters and has a trailer to prove it.

Like all Studio Ghibli films, the American release has been dubbed with big name actors, so dubbing-phobic cineastes may want to wait for the DVD. However, it can't be all bad when the folks dubbing your film include Christina Hendricks, Ron Howard, Bruce Dern, Aubrey Plaza and Anton Yelchin (there's also Jeff Dunham, but we want to be excited about this one). The plot of 'From Up on Poppy Hill' sounds less fantastical and far more low key then many of the films in Studio Ghibli's output, following a group of Japanese teenagers who attempt to prevent the destruction of their school's clubhouse as part of the preparations for the 1964 Olympics.

Check out the trailer below. Once you get past the English dubbing, you can focus on just how gorgeous the movie looks. It'll arrive in theaters on March 15th.