Can you blame anyone for thinking that Hollywood is cooking up a movie based on the video game Tetris? It may not have a story or any characters, but it's a recognizable brand name and sometimes, it seems like that's all that matters. The following trailer is a joke from a group of talented filmmakers, but we worry that a producer or two may see this video and get the wrong idea.The video, created by a group called Warialasky, is a pretty spot-on parody of dark, overdramatic blockbusters based on children's toys and games (think 'Transformers' and 'Battleship'). Movie fans with long memories may remember the reports of an extremely dark, adult-oriented 'Voltron' movie that was being developed awhile back, so ideas like this may seem like a silly internet jokes, but they're all a little more real than you think. We can guarantee you that a studio or two have had a meeting about the potential of a Tetris movie. Hopefully, the failure of 'Battleship' has staved off this kind of movie for a few more years.

As fun as this video is, it's definitely not a new idea. A few years back, there was also this fake trailer for a 'Tetris' movie, but their take on how it should be adapted is decidedly different: