It seems the Michael Bay 'Transformers' movies go through two rounds of casting: One for the human performers and another for the cars that will appear in the film. Bumblebee, who's been a sidekick to Shia LaBeouf's character in the previous three films, will return for 'Transformers 4' with a brand new look.

Bumblebee will now be a 2014 Concept Camaro, which will update him to the year the film will be released. And so for those who complain that the films are just a big toy advert, they can also now complain that the films are car commercials as well.

Still, we look forward to the certain kind of mayhem Michael Bay brings to this universe (Bayhem, as it's affectionally called), even though at this point -- after both 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' and 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' -- we should probably know better.

Here's a picture of the old Bumblebee, as a 1967 Camero:

And here are two pictures of the new design:

Snazzy. Here's what Optimus Prime looks like in the new film:

And here are some of the new cars featured in the film, that currently don't appear to have Transformer names:

Expect a great deal of vehicular mayhem when these robots in disguise hit theaters June 27, 2014.