'Transformers 4' is heading to Austin and if you live in the Texas capitol, you could be a part of it? Have you ever wanted to be in the background while robots rampaged about in the foreground? Well, this may be your big moment and we'll show you how to get your moment on the big screen.

The Michael Bay-directed film will begin filming in Austin on June 3rd and will conclude on June 20th, giving the local citizenry a chance to play second fiddle to Mark Wahlberg and a bunch of giant robots for $58 a day (plus overtime). This link will provide Austinites with all the details they need to apply, so read it carefully if you're interested.

Naturally, the casting call doesn't specify what kind of scenes will be shot, so it could involve a bunch of running and screaming from to-be-added-later Transformers or it could just be standing around during expository scenes. However, with this being a Michael Bay movie, it's hard to imagine the entire city not getting completely leveled at some point in the film.

Since the production will only be in Austin for two weeks, the city probably isn't the major setting of the film, however, it'll be a nice change of pace. How many times have we seen New York, Chicago and Los Angeles destroyed on the big screen? It'll certainly be nice to see a new city get wrecked in the name of Bay-hem. Not to mention, this is a city full of film geeks. Expect all of the local dive bars and BBQ joins to put a bunch of new celebrity photos up on their walls in the coming months.