Although 'Transformers 4' will undoubtedly have plenty of giant robots turning into cars and fighting each other, there will be no shortage of human interaction (i.e. screaming and yelling) between the scenes of carnage. At least we know that some of that screaming and yelling will be dignified and classy thanks to the casting of Kelsey Grammer as the film's human villain.

The scoop comes from Deadline, who say that Grammer will be playing "...Harold Attinger, a counter intelligence guy," which is about as vague of a description as you can get. We can presume that he'll be up to no good and is either in league with the evil Decepticons or hindering the heroic Autobots. And then he'll probably die in a big explosion since this is a Michael Bay movie.

Unless you've lived under a rock for the past decade or two, you'll recognize Grammer as the Emmy-winning star of shows like 'Frasier,' 'Cheers' and 'Boss' (not to mention the character of Sideshow Bob on 'The Simpsons'). He's normally not the kind of guy you see popping up in big blockbusters, but he did play the role of Beast in 'X-Men: The Last Stand,' so it's not like this is totally out of the blue. Not to mention, Bay has a habit of offering roles to excellent actors (see Steve Buscemi, John Tuturro, Tony Shalhoub, Ed Harris, Michael Shannon, etc.) and they have a habit of accepting, even if the film around them isn't quite worthy of their talents.

'Transformers 4' will arrive on June 27, 2014.