Last month, Paramount and Michael Bay selected producer and writer (and notorious Winter’s Tale director) Akiva Goldsman to head up their new Transformers franchise brain trust, giving Goldsman the power to form a writers room and steer the creative future of the series. Goldsman recently hired his first writers, who were — unsurprisingly — all men, but in case you were worried that his writers room was a real sausage fest, he just hired a couple of women.

Deadline reports that Goldsman has added Christina Hodson and Lindsey Beer to the Transformers writers room, which is being tasked with brainstorming ideas and developing screenplays for new franchise installments, including sequels and spinoffs.

Hodson is scripting The Fugitive remake for Warner Bros., and production recently wrapped on her screenplay Shut In, starring Naomi Watts. Beer worked on the screenplay for the Short Circuit remake, and is also working on a “re-imagined” Wizard of Oz story for Warner Bros. Both women have experience working in action and sci-fi, making them a real asset to the Transformers writers room.

There’s been a serious lack of women involved in major blockbuster franchises, typically because studios are working under the outdated assumption that these films are for men and boys. Recently, Marvel reportedly reached out to Ava DuVernay to direct either Black Panther or Captain Marvel, as Hollywood has come under increasingly intense scrutiny for the lack of women working behind the scenes.

Paramount hiring women to help creatively drive one of their biggest franchises is a step in the right direction, regardless of how you personally feel about the Transformers series. Recently, Hasbro also announced plans for an animated Transformers team made up of female robots, while DC has also taken a progressive step with the announcement of its Superhero Girls series. Who run the world?