The Trials series is making its way to the mobile gaming platform in a big, bad way. Ubisoft has announced Trials: Frontier will make its debut soon.

RedLynx's beloved Trials series is going to make its mobile game debut in Trials: Frontier, which will be available for smartphones and tablets. In Frontier, you'll be able to follow a storyline, explore the world, grow your village, collect parts to upgrade your bike and rider and even connect to Trials: Fusion for more bonus gear.

If you want to prove yourself against other Trials players around the world, you can jump into the multiplayer mode and play asynchronously with others. Ubisoft has promised live community events that span the globe, leader boards and a "robust content update roadmap."

However you slice it, this Trials game is looking mighty fine and even looks as if it could stand up to its console brethren. Ubisoft hasn't announced when this game will be released, or what specific devices we'll see it on, but we'll keep you updated as more information is made available.