A few weeks ago, it was sort of abruptly revealed that a third Tron film would begin shooting this fall, despite the disappointing reception of Tron: Legacy. Director Joseph Kosinski is reportedly returning to helm the next installment, and according to previous details, the film will shoot in Canada this fall. In keeping with the previous installment, the new film will also get its own subtitle: Ascension.

Tron 3 is titled
Tron: Ascension, and confirming that the film is definitely shooting this fall in Vancouver — October, to be specific:

That title could very well change between now and the film’s release, and has yet to be confirmed by Disney. Little is known about the third Tron film, but previous reports indicate that in addition to Kosinski, Garrett Hedlund will also return to reprise his role as Sam Flynn, the son of Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn. In Legacy, Sam enters the virtual world created by his father and joins forces with Olivia Wilde’s Quorra to search for his long lost dad.

Disney has kept quiet about Tron 3 for the time being, and it’s unclear which, if any, other cast members will return for Ascension. Tron: Legacy also starred Michael Sheen, James Frain, Bruce Boxleitner (reprising his role from the first Tron film) and featured a brief appearance from Cillian Murphy — whose character could be utilized in a third film.

No word yet on a release date, but with shooting scheduled to wrap early next year, we may see Tron: Ascension hit theaters in 2017.

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