After two feature-length films – separated by nearly 30 years – the ‘TRON’ universe is moving to the small-screen where it can live on in animated form. Disney XD, a channel reserved for cutting-edge animated storytelling, will launch ‘TRON: Uprising’ on June 7.

But in an attempt to raise awareness, the pilot episode is online for fans to sample and we have it for you to watch below!

The opening credits to the episode, titled ‘Beck’s Beginning,’ set up the original story of Flynn – the game designer pulled in to a computer program called The Grid – then fills in the gaps of the first two narratives. It establishes Beck, a rebellious force from a distant corner of the Grid who tries to stop Clu (Codified Likeness Utility), the hacking program also played by Jeff Bridges in the ‘TRON’ universe.

Obviously, this calls to mind ‘The Clone Wars,’ and the ability of that animated series to expand, drastically, on a series that’s entrenched in our pop culture. There are countless directions new ‘TRON’ stories can head, and converting it into the animation genre allows Disney and its creators to save on the costs of replicating the virtual reality of ‘TRON.’

Will ‘TRON: Uprising’ find its audience? We’ll find out when the series begins on Thursday, June 7, at 9 p.m.