The final episodes of Star Wars Rebels have already brought with them some shocking reveals, but few with such mind-boggling implications as this week’s “World Between Worlds.” Our brains are still breaking, but allow showrunner Dave Filoni to clear up some major points of [SPOILER]’s return.

You’re warned of full Star Wars Rebels spoilers for “Wolves and a Door” and “The World Between Worlds” from here on out, especially that big honkin’ part where Ezra – oh, I don’t know – traveled through time to a nexus of the Star Wars universe, and plucked Ahsoka Tano from history. That was *a lot* to take in from the franchise’s generally-consistent space fantasy rules, as were the echoes of Star Wars dialogue ranging from The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi. Destruction of the Lothal temple leaves it unlikely any future Star Wars properties will revisit the whole time-travel thing, but we had at least a few questions.

For one, what exactly does it mean that Ezra ripped Ahsoka out of her “Twilight of the Apprentice” duel with Darth Vader, and sent her back shortly thereafter? The obvious implication is that Ahsoka is alive and well for a return in next week’s finale, but is time in the Star Wars universe a closed loop? Did Ezra *always* rescue her, or is there a timeline in which Ahsoka died? According to supervising producer Dave Filoni (h/t Nerdist), there is:

So, the only thing Kanan really engineers, that I think is questionably a little bit selfish, is he engineers the rescue of Ahsoka. He wants to see if Ezra can figure out that’s what he’s capable of doing in that moment. So, he puts him in this place where he can do that. That’s why the big wolf is saying restore the past and you redeem the future. Kanan’s correcting that thing where she otherwise dies. Now she’s back in play which is, I think, a good thing because she’s an interesting character.

For what it’s worth, the show’s accompanying Rebels Recon also revealed that we’d seen the “World Between Worlds” before, both in Season 1 designs for the Lothal temple and Ezra’s subsequent contact with Yoda (cued up around 7:17 below):

The implication then becomes that Yoda had remote access to this nexus of time and space, as well that The Last Jedi and Snoke may have used the same realm. Many were quick to connect Rey and Kylo Ren’s cross-galaxy Skype sessions and Luke’s projection to this same Ezra-Yoda scene, raising all manner of questions as to what Jedi and Sith have visited (or changed) historical events in the actual nexus.

We’re not likely to get crystal clear answers in next week’s three-part finale, but you can watch the full trailer below and stay tuned for more. Has Star Wars Rebels otherwise officially broken your brain?

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