Do you love TV so much that you just want to watch animated GIFs of your favorite moments from your favorite episodes each week, and maybe post those GIFs on your Facebook and Twitter for future civilizations to discover so they know how cool 'Mad Men' was? Yeah, you feel us.

On this week's 'Girls,' Hannah starts a new job working with Ray at the coffee shop. Here he demonstrates what sort of pants she should wear to work. SLIM LEG.

Hannah and Marnie get in a huge fight, and Hannah expresses her neuroses in a way that I think we can all relate, for serious.

After attending the book signing of her nemesis, who was inspired to write a book about her boyfriend's suicide, Hannah's more than a little jealous. Hey, Hannah, write your damn book already.

Over on 'Veep' Jonah tries to console Amy. Oh, Jonah, you know all the right things to  say, you big goofy creeper.

Mike has a way with words with ladies, too! Selina cries a lot in this week's episode, and Mike offers a hilariously inarticulate sentiment.

In what is destined to become this season's most iconic image, 'Mad Men' presents us with the future of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (and Holloway!) as the partners line up like some classy 60s 'Avengers' in their new office space.

This season has been the season of Pete Campbell getting his ass kicked, and it never -- ever -- gets old.

Steve Newlin is back on 'True Blood' and surprise! He's a vampire. Double surprise! He's in love with Jason. Too cute.

When Jason rescinds his invitation, Steve is sucked out of the house while declaring his love. We've all been there, man. Call us, we've got a pint of ice cream and some tissues for your eye waters.

We saved the best for last. Pam is easily the greatest character on 'True Blood.' The sassiest of sassies dons a kitten sweater and some sweatpants from Wal-Mart to help bury Tara. Yeah, they want to keep Tara alive. We know, and we're sure it hurts Pam more than it hurts you.