1988's 'Twins' was a huge success, partly because of the unnatural pairing of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito as test tube brothers. The film itself is pretty unmemorable, other than it showed that Arnie was bulletproof at the box office at the time. Well, that high concept is about to get higher as Universal is moving forward with a sequel called 'Triplets' which would add Eddie Murphy to the mix. Audible groan.

The Hollywood Reporter broke this news, and they say that all the stars are already attached, though there's no mention of a director, and currently there's no writers attached. Ivan Reitman helmed the first film, and recently had a modest comeback with 'No Strings Attached,' but it looks like he'll just be producing this one. Schwarzenegger spent the last couple years as the governor of California after his film career went south, but he's mounting a big screen return with this, and films like 'The Expendables 2,' and next year's 'The Last Stand.' Devito was last in 'The Lorax' while Murphy's latest vehicle 'A Thousand Words' may still be in theaters.

There is nothing about this that isn't pathetic. Everyone involved peaked two decades ago, and it's been scientifically proven that Eddie Murphy needs a good script at this point. And - as the first film was PG - this will likely be more watered down Murphy. If this film was made in 1992 or 1993 it would be the biggest film of that year, But this ship has sailed.

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