As much as we'd love for the fallout from Angus T. Jones' religious rant against 'Two and Half Men' to continue on indefinitely, sooner or later an impass would have to be reached.  Charlie Sheen can continue commenting on his former cast-mate's outburst, but given Jones' apology yesterday, there aren't likely to be many further developments.  To that end, the actor is believed to stay at his 'Two and a Half Men' job for the moment, but will he leave at the end of the season?

It's good news-bad news for fans of Angus T. Jones and 'Two and a Half Men,' as TMZ believes the actor isn't likely to depart the series in the near future.  Jones may have damaged his reputation and alienated a few co-workers with his "Forerunner Chronicles" rant, but won't depart the series unless asked.  Instead, the actor will likely continue his semi-regular appearances for the current season, before departing in May.  The show itself isn't expected to go beyond its tenth season either.

The report claims that Jones had intended to walk away the previous season, after which his character Jake Harper joined the Army, though friends and family convinces him not to walk away from the $300,000 an episode paycheck.

What say you?  Do you think Jones really regrets his 'Men' outburst?  Could the show continue on without him?

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