And it seems like only yesterday we were reporting about the exorbitant amount of money the cast of 'Modern Family' sought to gain in their contract re-negotiations.  What?  It was?  So that must mean that TV's other sitcom behemoth 'Two and a Half Men' must be due for some serious...really?  No?  Hmm.

While most of CBS' fall programming slate has been set in stone, the network's highest rated program 'Two and a Half Men' has remained off the completed list thus far due to continued negotiations for the series leads, particularly Ashton Kutcher.  However, the latest news from The Hollywood Reporter suggest that while a two-year offer remains on the table for both Kutcher and series anchor Jon Cryer, the renewed contract offers nothing in the way of raised salary, a potential breaking point for the series.

Currently both Cryer and Kutcher make approximately $700,000 per episode of the long-running CBS sitcom, whereas prior to his public meltdown Charlie Sheen had pulled his salary up to an impressive $1.25 million per installment.  Kutcher has reportedly request an even $1 million per episode for the coming season, though inside sources claim neither the two leads, nor series creator and sitcom magnate Chuck Lorre are keen on continuing the show beyond the upcoming tenth season.

So while the show shoots its season finale next week and a deal is likely considering the money 'Two and a Half Men' makes for the network, with a staggering 12 million viewers even at a season low, the lack of raises in a two-year offer may very well be a breaking point for the long-running series, or at least Kutcher's involvement.

Says CBS illuminatingly of the latest developments, "We decline to comment on rumor and speculation.”  So, there's that.

What say you?  Has Kutcher been good enough as a replacement for Charlie Sheen to warrant clearing $1 million per episode?  What about poor Jon Cryer?  Should 'Two and a Half Men' even go on to a tenth, let alone eleventh season?  Let us know what you think downstairs in the comments!