In news that will surely delight its millions of regular viewers and send chills down the spines of people who like good things, 'Two and Half Men' has been renewed for a tenth season.

It's actually pretty impressive that 'Two and a Half Men' has managed to pull itself along after the incredibly noisy departure of its former star. Normally, actors leaving projects is a quiet affair, with everyone doing their best to maintain their dignity (or at least the appearance of dignity) to the outside world. Charlie Sheen's tiger-blood fueled meltdown last year was big and noisy and stupid and would have been more than enough to cripple one of CBS' most lucrative shows if the network didn't play their cards right. To their credit, they did. They waved off Sheen's antics, cast a new lead with a television pedigree and unceremoniously killed off Sheen's character between seasons. Ratings may not be quite as high as they were at their peak, but it's still more than enough to rank the show as the second most watched comedy on television with 15 million viewers.

The season renewal came after stars Ashton Kutcher, John Cryer and Angus T. Jones each made new one-year deals and CBS worked out a new licensing fee agreement with Warner Bros. Television. The new season will also see the departure of co-creator and executive producer Lee Aronsohn (who will still be credited as an "executive consultant") but the rest of the team will remain essentially unchanged.

Sure, we could include a paragraph about how shows like 'Community' struggle and scrape to get renewed while 'Two and a Half Men' trucks on, but what would be the point? Instead, just quietly note by this time next year, 'Two and Half Men' will have been part of the television landscape for a decade. Let that weigh heavy on your soul, Planet Earth.