Ashton Kutcher’s sitcom return behind Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men departure seemed like a welcome bit of nostalgia, one Netflix aims to double down on in returning Kutcher to TV alongside his That ‘70s Show castmate. Danny Masterson will join Kutcher on new comedy The Ranch, which also brings with it a new distribution model for Netflix.

Per Deadline, Kutcher will also reunite with Two and a Half Men showrunners Don Reo and Jim Patterson for the new series, which sees Kutcher’s character returning home to a Colorado ranch after a brief semi-pro football career, to run the family business with his brother, Masterson’s character.

The new multi-camera comedy is expected to debut sometime in 2016, though rather than roll out under the usual 13-episode all-at-once streaming model, The Ranch will likely shoot 20 episodes for its first season, premiering two batches of ten episodes at different points of the year. The Ranch also represents Netflix’s second original multi-camera comedy after the Fuller House revival, which itself will stick to the 13-episode model.

There’s no denying the financial appeal of keeping Kutcher in business with his Two and a Half Men partners (sans Chuck Lorre), but will a ‘70s Show reunion be enough to sell Netflix’s new multi-cam sitcom phase?

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