It's amazing what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can do to a franchise. Post 'Fast Five' we've seen him come into a number of different sequels and - for the most part - get audiences excited. Without his presence, would people be as hopped up for 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation'? There are two new foreign TV spots for the film, check them out.

Perhaps it's not all Johnson, it could also be Bruce Willis playing General Joe Colton, but fans were in a tizzy when he was in a PG-13 'Die Hard.' This is different for sure - and Willis is known to sleepwalk through a paycheck role - but it's positively shocking that this film is generating excitement. Especially since it's directed by 'Step Up 2' and the Justin Bieber documentary's Jon M. Chu.

But - so far - all of the trailers and TV spots have been great. Sure, it's mostly the same footage but there's a couple seconds of new footage in these Korean and Japanese TV spots. All the ads have a similar structure: The Joe's got screwed over, Bruce Willis shows up at the end. Perhaps we'll get one more trailer before the film hits theaters June 29. It's coming out in a very busy season, but it looks like it's got a good shot of being one of the top ten biggest films of the summer.