There are a handful immutable truths in this life: Death, taxes, and the perennial profitability of a Madea film. Over the course of ten plays, nine live-action films and one animated feature, creator Tyler Perry has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that he can make a buck anytime he slaps on a wig and muumuu. It’s almost as if Perry’s fully conquered the world of entertainment, and like Alexander weeping before the totality of his own empire, he now wonders what new challenge might test his powers. Perhaps he’s been left to compete with himself, concocting an idea so ill-advised that wringing a payday out of it anyway will be the one true measure of his abilities as a storyteller and visual stylist.

That is one possible explanation as to why Tyler Perry wants to make a Madea movie about police brutality. On The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast this past weekend, Perry made a somewhat shocking statement:

I have been able to use this character to bring messages to people who no one has been able to get a message to... She can talk about anything. She can make them laugh. And it’s so disarming — it’s like anesthesia... If I could find a way to talk about police brutality, and all of these people being shot by police officers, through this character — and I’ve been thinking about it — I think it would speak volumes to what so many people can’t say.

For all the easy potshots we take at Madea and Perry, there’s no denying that the man has his finger on the pulse of the black community like few others in showbiz right now. So long as Madea’s Police Brutality Laugh-a-Palooza isn’t as grossly insensitive as that title I just came up with, Perry could do some genuine good with the concept.

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