A couple of weeks ago we reported on a reboot of the 'Underworld' franchise, which delivered its fourth film -- 'Underworld: Awakening' -- in 2012. But it seems that news was only slightly premature as Lakeshore Entertainment is moving ahead with a sequel, not a reboot, and they're bringing back 'Awakening' star Theo James to reprise the role of vampire David for the fifth film.

THR reports that the fifth installment will cast James in the leading role in a sequel that will further expand the 'Underworld' universe, rather than reboot the franchise entirely. They're also looking to cast two new female character alongside James, with plans to begin filming the new movie next spring, which means we could see the newest installment hitting theaters as early as next fall.

James also recently starred in 'Divergent,' based on the popular Young Adult novel and the first in a planned trilogy of films. He'll be seen next in 'Insurgent,' followed by 'Allegiant,' which -- in the grand tradition of films adapted from Young Adult novel franchises -- will of course be released in two parts. Gotta maximize that box office.

The new 'Underworld' movie already has a writer in Cory Goodman, but does not as of yet have a director.

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