Tis the season, and to get in the holiday spirit of things, the new Vince Vaughn comedy ‘Unfinished Business’ is offering up your choice of red or green band trailers. Or both, if you’re feeling particularly inclined to watch basically the exact same trailer twice. One is suggestive, while the other is more blatant with the profanity. It depends on what you’re in the mood for, or how many relatives are already hanging around at your house on this lovely Thanksgiving eve.

In the above green band trailer, the most provocative thing you’ll find is some tame language and a shot of Vince Vaughn’s private parts in some very tight pants. In the below red band version, you’ll basically find the same trailer, but with some f-bombs and more sexual innuendo.

‘Unfinished Business’ reunites Vaughn with ‘Delivery Man’ director Ken Scott in the story of a small business owner who travels to Europe with his two employees, played by Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco, in order to land the major deal that will save their business. While overseas, they encounter Vaughn’s former boss and get into a whole bunch of naughty European shenanigans.

The film also stars Sienna Miller, James Marsden, and Nick Frost, and hits theaters on March 6, 2015.