London-based film critic Benjamin Lee saw the new Tom Hardy film, Legend, and didn’t exactly have glowing things to say about it. Lee said of the film, “It’s a disappointingly shallow take on a fascinating period of time and leaves us sorely uninformed, as if we’ve skim-read a pamphlet. The legend might live on but Legend certainly won’t.” Not exactly the type of review you’d expect a studio to promote in their marketing material, yet somehow Lee was surprised find it front and center in a new ad.

The film’s official Twitter account tweeted the image above (which they have since taken down), which features a variety of four-star reviews. But hidden in plain sight is Lee’s two-star review from The Guardian, cleverly dropped in between Tom Hardy’s two heads. At first, you might think that The Guardian, like some of the other publications listed, also gave it a four- or five-star review, but nope. They didn’t like the film at all.

The movie has a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s unclear why the studio would want to include a bad review, but it’s important to remember that when you see posters or commercials with critic quotes, it doesn’t always mean what you think it might mean.

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