'The Rockford Files' was a popular television drama series in the late seventies. James Garner played Los Angeles P.I. Jim Rockford who was known for using his charm to get out of a situation instead of his fists. And now Universal Pictures  is looking to make a big-screen version of the movie and they've already got an actor in mind to play the popular detective.

Deadline is reporting that Vince Vaughn, known for being a wise-cracker both on and off the screen, is slated to star in the feature film as Jim Rockford. Vaughn will produce with his partner Victoria Vaughn under their Wild West Picture Show Productions banner. No word yet on who would play Jim's father, who was a major character in the television show, or if the comic relief character of Evelyn "Angel" Martin will be in the film. Of course, they could go in a completely different direction with the character and his supporting cast but that might take away the charm of what made Rockford so likable in the first place.

The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and has been lingering in development hell for quite some time. A crack at a rebooted television show was in the works but quickly scrapped. Vaughn recently signed up with his 'Wedding Crashers' co-star Owen Wilson to appear in the comedy 'The Internship.'

Vaughn hasn't had his own solo starring vehicle in quite some time and should this prove to be a hit, it could work out to be a possible franchise for the still hot in Hollywood star. Do you think Vince would make a good Jim Rockford? Let us know in the comments below!