The next iteration of the Unreal Engine has been teased before, but now Epic is offering another close look at the impressive power the engine possesses.

Epic's Zak Parrish and Tim Elek walk us through the latest demo, which shows how water and particle effects will look when empowered by Unreal 4. If you recall the Infiltrator demo shown off a while back, this walkthrough goes a bit more in-depth with how the visuals were pulled off. We get to see the spark manipulation and how lighting can be adjusted to bounce off different surfaces. There's also some insight into the multiple ways water can be manipulated. It's all very technical, but it's also incredibly fascinating.

We still don't know which games will be using Unreal 4 whenever it arrives, but the hype these demos are creating has us excited to see what PCs, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can offer.