As overjoyed as we are to be getting a Netflix reunion of 'Arrested Development,' it really burns our banana stands to think that we'll have to wait all the way until spring 2013, even if the network does release them all at once. Thankfully, NBC seems to have beaten them to the punch, reuniting Tony Hale with his former 'Arrested Development' co-star Will Arnett on 'Up All Night'! But will Hale share any scenes with his former hermano?

Hey, brother! Thanks to TVGuide, we've just gotten the good news that Tony Hale will give the second season of NBC's 'Up All Night' a hand, guesting as Dr. Welborn, Reagan (Christina Applegate)'s flirty dentist. Presumably, this would lead him to share scenes with Will Arnett, his former brother of 'Arrested Development' fame.

Coincidentally, this isn't Buster's Hale's first time playing a doctor who hits on Christina Applegate, having filled a similar role in her cancelled series 'Samantha Who?' Since 'Arrested Development,' Hale has maintained roles on NBC's 'Chuck,' and has a regular role in HBO's Emmy darling 'Veep.'

Well, what say you? Do you think Hale and Arnett will manage to sneak in a few 'Arrested Development' references before their official Netflix reunion? What other stars would you like to see on 'Up All Night'?