Just when you think the 'Romeo & Juliet' template has been completely exhausted, along comes something like 'Upside Down' to bring a fresh twist to one of the most famous stories of all time. In a new clip from the film, we get to see how two star-crossed lovers played by Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess manage to meet up, despite living in separate worlds with opposite gravitational fields.

It's a bonkers setting that goes beyond science fiction and enters the realm of pure fantasy, but there's no denying how gorgeous the film looks. We'll gladly forgive the fact that the circumstances of this world don't make any kind of logical or scientific sense if the final film is honest and truthful about the romance at its center.

But let's be honest here: this premise could just as easily be a heavy handed metaphor as it could be a beautiful allegory. Hopefully, first time feature director Juan Solanas is up to the challenge of delivering some substance with his style.

'Upside Down' opens on March 15th, but you can watch the new clip (via the film's Facebook page) below.

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