The new film 'Upside Down' seems to take the star-crossed lovers line from 'Romeo and Juliet' literally as it configures that narrative into a science fiction universe. Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst lead this romantic sci-fi that has its lovers in different gravitational fields, and now there's a trailer for the film.

The idea of 'Upside Down' is such that it may be harder for some viewers to accept the premise, but the scale of the effects in the trailer suggest it might be easier to suspend disbelief if the visuals overwhelm that skepticism. It also looks to have some cool set pieces in the midst of its disorienting gravity.

Here's the film's synopsis:

Kept apart from the girl he has loved his entire life; Adam must fight to reunite with Eden. But the laws of his world as well as the laws of gravity keep him from her. Adam must risk everything to access the forbidden world of affluence that exists literally above him. As he struggles to keep the authorities from discovering him while manipulating the gravitational force that physically pulls him back to his world, Adam faces insurmountable danger in hopes of finding his long-lost love.

And here's that trailer. 'Upside Down' hits theaters March 15.

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