The first Venom movie logo that popped up online last week has now been confirmed by the official Venom movie account, which tweeted it out earlier today. Take a look:

Awe, isn’t that nice? Deep down, we’re all hashtag Venom aren’t we? Everyone is a little bit of an alien symbiote with giant, drooling fangs, a burning desire to get revenge against Spider-Man, and a taste for human flesh. If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that.

(Yes, I know that Venom refers to himself as a “we.” Please don’t @ me. It’s a joke.)

The logo’s version of movie Venom is a cartoonish one, heavily inspired by the look of the character first created by artist Todd McFarlane, not the supposedly mo-capped version that we’ll see in the film, which stars Tom Hardy as the iconic Spider-Man costume-turned-villain. I know he’s all snarling with his big teeth and whatnot, but in this image Venom looks surprisingly ... friendly? There’s something inviting about him. “Hey! I’m Venom! Come over here and I’ll eat your face, but cheerfully!” I can’t wait to hear what kooky accent Tom Hardy thinks up to say stuff like this.

Maybe I’ve got this Venom fellow all wrong. Maybe he’s not such a bad dude after all. Maybe he’s a sweet living costume of unholy alien evil. (We are #)Venom opens in theaters on October 5, 2018.

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